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its a wonderful life quotes

Life is Wonderful, isn’t it? If you are smiling you must pay for it in the past. Some peoples aren’t happy with their life. We are human, we face many problems in our lives and try to make our life happy.

Since before many writers and filmmakers build a thousand story about life. Today I’ll share with you Quotes about ‘its a wonderful life’. In 1946 Director: Frank Capra make this film.

Let’s see the top 15 Its A Wonderful Life Quotes. I hope you’ll be happy to see those quotes and find yourself happy on your life.

15 Its A Wonderful Life Quotes

  1. “Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends.”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. Hey look, mister – we serve hard drinks in here for men who want to get drunk fast, and we don’t need any characters around to give the joint “atmosphere”. Is that clear, or do I have to slip you my left for a convincer? ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money. Well, it doesn’t, Mr. Potter. In the whole vast configuration of things, I’d say you were nothing but a scurvy little spider! And that goes for you, too! ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  4. Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. George Bailey: That’s right, that’s right.George Bailey: Attaboy, Clarence.”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  5. “ Just remember this, Mr. Potter: that this rabble you’re talking about, they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  6. “She’s about to CLOSE UP THE LIBRARY!!!”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  7. “ You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids? ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  8. “ You’ve been given a great gift, George: A chance to see what the world would be like without you. ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  9. “ Isn’t it wonderful? I’m going to jail! ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  10. “No man is a failure, who has friends”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  11. “ Now you listen to me. I don’t want any plastics and I don’t want any ground floors. And I don’t want to get married *ever* to anyone! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do. ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  12. “ Out you two pixies go! Through the door or out the window! ”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  13. “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  14. “George Bailey: Mary Hatch, why in the world did you ever marry a guy like me?Mary: To keep from being an old maid!George Bailey: You could have married Sam Wainright or anybody else in town…Mary: I didn’t want to marry anybody else in town. I want my baby to look like you. George Bailey: You didn’t even have a honeymoon. I promised you…[stops]George Bailey: Your what?Mary: My baby!George Bailey: [stuttering] Your, your, your, ba- Mary, you on the nest?Mary: George Baily Lassos Stork!George Bailey: [still stuttering] Lassos a stork?[Mary nods]George Bailey: What’reya… You mean you’re… What is it, a boy or a girl?Mary: [nods enthusiastically] Mmm-hmmm!”― It’s a Wonderful Life
  15. George: It’s this old house. I don’t know why we don’t all have pneumonia. The drafty old barn of a place. It’s like growing up living in a refrigerator. Why do we have to live here in the first place, and stay around this measly, crummy old town? Mary: George, what’s wrong?George: Wrong? Everything. Why you call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids? ”― It’s a Wonderful Life

The Storyline About It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey has gone through his whole time on earth giving of himself to the individuals of Bedford Falls. He has consistently yearned to travel however never had the open door so as to forestall rich skinflint, Mr. Potter, from assuming control over the whole town. All that keeps him from doing so is George’s humble structure and credit organization, which was established by his liberal dad. Be that as it may, on Christmas Eve, George’s Uncle Billy loses the business’ $8,000 while expecting to store it in the bank. Potter finds the lost cash and conceals it from Billy.

At the point when the bank inspector finds the lack soon thereafter, George understands that he will be considered dependable and sent to prison and the organization will fall, at long last permitting Potter to assume control over the town. Thinking about his significant other, their little youngsters, and others he adores will be in an ideal situation with him dead, he examines suicide. Be that as it may, the supplications of his friends and family bring about a delicate heavenly attendant named Clarence coming to earth to assist George, with the guarantee of acquiring his … Composed by Alfiehitchie

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