The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian Quotes (Top 20 Quotes)

Top 20 The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian Quotes

People who like to read or prefer novels must have come to learn about the most famous first-person narrative novel The absolutely true diary of a parttime Indian written by Sherman Alexie. The novel was published in 2007 and after it was published, a few months later it created awareness among the social and racial contradiction in the first world countries. Still, who are not introduced to this novel, before sharing our the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian quotes with you guys we don’t mind to give a brief about the masterpiece.

The novel is about the life journey of a fourteen-year-old Indian boy living in Indian Reservation, Who gets transfer from his reservation high school to a much wealthier city’s high school named Reardan High School. Where he finds out that he and the basketball mascot are the only Indians and all of the other students are white.  Junior belongs to a poor family where every family member usually struggles for their daily bread and butter, but after transferring to Reardan High School his parents worked hard and tried their best to keep him in the new environment for a bright future. But not everyone was happy with this decision, especially Junior’s best friend named Rowdy.

During his new journey, he discovered many cultural diversifications between his Indian Heritage and White Culture, especially on the family bonding. He once punched a white boy and expected that the boy will get his revenge which was normal in his Indian Culture, but later he was amazed that the white boy didn’t do anything according to his assumptions, on contrary, the Roger (who got punched by Junior) and his friends started to show respect towards Junior. He was absolutely surprised by this kind of gesture.

Also, he got to study with an intelligent friend name Gordy which helped him to understand the white culture thoroughly. He also got a crush on the most popular white girl in the school. Junior managed to join the High School Basketball team and his dedication to the team helped to build a reputation in the High School. Later on, his high school basketball team had a match against his former basketball team where he faced a lot of criticism from his own heritage. His overall journey in Reardan High School helps him to develop as a good human and by his perspective, he likes to call himself both Indian and White.

In this article, we covered The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian quotes only for you which will surely be noted in your mind and might actually influence you to give a read.

Top 20 The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian Quotes

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian Quotes

  1. ” And a warrior isn’t afraid of confrontation. ” – Junior
  2. ” You have to dream big to get big. ” – Arnold Spirit (Dad)
  3. ” We were supposed to kill the Indian to save the child.”- Mr. P 
  4. “And what’s more, our white dentist believed that Indians only felt half as much pain as white people did, so he only gave us half the Novocain.” – Junior
  5. ” Okay Arnold,’ Dodge said. ‘Where did you learn this fact? On the reservation? Yes, we all know there is so much amazing science on the reservation ” -Mr. Dodge
  6. “My parents came from poor people who came from poor people who came from poor people, all the way back to the very first poor people. Adam and Eve covered their privates with fig leaves; the first Indians covered their privates with their tiny hands. ” – Junior
  7. “He was the loser Indian father of a loser Indian son living in a world built for winners.” – Sherman Alexie (Author)
  8. “It’s not like anybody’s going to notice if you go away,” he said. “So you might as well gut it out.” – Rowdy
  9. “Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community.” – Sherman Alexie (Author)
  10. “We were supposed to kill the Indian to save the child.” – Mr. P
  11. “Like the coffin was settling down for a long, long nap, for a forever nap.” – Sherman Alexie (Author)
  12. “At school today, I went dressed as a homeless dude. It was a pretty easy costume for me.   There’s not much difference between my good and bad clothes, so I pretty much look half-homeless anyway” – Junior
  13. “Shoot, you can buy a bottle of the worst whiskey for five dollars. He could have spent that five bucks and stayed drunk for another day or two. But he saved it for me. ” – Junior
  14. “I’m sick of Indian guys who treat white women like bowling trophies. Get a life.” – Rowdy
  15. ”  You probably think I’ve completely fallen in love with white people and that I don’t see anything good in Indians. Well, that’s false. I love my big sister. I think she’s double crazy and random. Ever since she moved, she’s sent me all these great Montana postcards. Beautiful landscapes and beautiful Indians. Buffalo. Rivers. Huge insects.” – Junior
  16. “I am a zero on the rez. And if you subtract zero from zero, you still have zero. So what’s the point of subtracting when the answer is always the same?”- Junior
  17. “But we reservation Indians don´t get to realize our dreams. We don’t get those chances. Or choices. We`re just poor. That`s all we are.” – Junior
  18. “I always knew you were going to leave. I always knew you were going to leave us behind and travel the world. I had this dream about you a few months ago. You were standing on the Great Wall of China. You looked happy. And I was happy.” – Junior
  19. “Your mother was thirteen and I was five when we first met.”- Arnold Spirit (Dad)
  20. “I figured I’d always be one of those players who sat on the bench and cheered his bigger, faster, more talented teammates to victory and/or defeat. “- Junior

Bonus Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian Quotes

  1. “I draw because words are too unpredictable./I draw because words are too limited.” – Junior
  2. ” Every moment of a life should be taken seriously “-Junior
  3. ” The world, even the smallest parts of it, is filled with things you don’t know “-Gordy
  4. ” We all look for ways to make the pain go away “-Junior
  5. ” Each funeral was a funeral for all of us. We lived and died together “-Junior
  6. ” We only know how to lose and be lost. “-Junior
  7. ” But we love ghosts. We love monsters “-Junior
  8. ” His father is drinking hard and throwing hard punches, so Rowdy and his mother are always walking around with bruised and bloody faces. “-Junior
  9. ” Wow. SHE SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY DAD “- Penelope, Junior, and Junior’s father
  10. ” I knew that seven or eight of those Indians lived with drunken mothers and fathers. “
the absolutely true diary of a part time indian quotes

The Main Theme

The book manages numerous significant issues, particularly for schoolers and high schoolers, for example, tormenting, feeling like an outsider and finding a spot in the earth. Adding that, it examines pertinent issues, for example, a bit of racism, addiction to liquor and the passings away of loved ones. In spite of the fact that the subjects can be overwhelming now and again, Alexie presents the themes of everything being equal and properly for the planned age gathering. 

The facts confirm that this book manages harsh topics, and the facts demonstrate that it contains what a few people consider to be adult substances. Be that as it may, it manages issues in an easy route through the voice of somebody who is exceptionally relatable to adolescents. It is basic that understudies find out about awkward subjects, and this novel shows these issues in manners that young generation will really comprehend.

Interesting and Powerful Quotes From this Novel isn’t it? – What’re Your Thoughts?

Doesn’t matter if you have read this novel or came to know about this novel and looking for some convincing statement over the internet before giving it a read. We can assure you that the quotes taken from the novel have a strong and deep meaning which stands off against the radical and cultural norms. Many Critiques marked this novel as a Comedic Young Adult Fiction. Let us know which is your favorite quote from the Novel.

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