You Mean The World to Me Quotes

Top 30 You Mean The World to Me Quotes

To characterize you mean the world to me quotes is to state that an individual loves somebody unselfishly, that the person thinks about the satisfaction of the other individual and will successfully enable that individual to feel joy without anticipating anything consequently. As it were, the meaning of unequivocal love will be love without conditions.

To put you mean the world to me definition another way, this is the kind of adoration that exists between a parent and kid, or even between a pooch and his lord. It is an adoration that is given without expecting or even truly mindful if that affection is returned. You love this individual wholeheartedly, and nothing is going to change that. Now, we are going to share  you mean the world to me quotes

You Mean The World to Me Quotes

You Mean The World to Me Quotes
  1. ” You are the source of my life, and you are also my life itself. You are the reason to live in this world, and you are the world itself. “
  2. ”  Perhaps, you`re only one person in the world, but for me, you`re the whole world. “
  3. ”  Everything I need to be happy during the whole life is you. You are my everything. “
  4. ” I don’t promise to be with you for the rest of my life. You`re everything for me, so I promise to be with you for the rest of your life. “
  5. ” Without you, I will not be able to live. If I lose you, I will lose everything. “
  6. ” Near the best man in the world, I feel like the best woman. To have everything I need – you. “
  7. ” I am very indecisive and always have trouble picking my favorite anything. But, without a doubt, you are my favorite everything. “
  8. ” I promise to be there for you when you need me, I promise to hug you tight when you’re lonely, I promise to keep you, not for the rest of my life but for the rest of yours because you are my everything. “
  9. ” I will always be true to you. I will never do you wrong. You make my life complete. You are my everything. “
  10. ” Oh my God, my girlfriends are everything to me. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they hold you when you need to be held. They laugh with you. They’re mean with you! They’re always there, and it’s just a priceless thing to have.” – Jennifer Lopez
  11. ” I write this because I want it documented that I am truly in love with you. In case you are not certain of my true feelings, here is my statement of fact: You mean the world to me. Putting this in writing is my way of showing you how much you truly mean to me. I can’t really find the words to fully explain the way I feel. When I hear your voice or when I see your face, all I can say is that I feel love. “
  12. ” You`re not only a boyfriend for me. You are a friend, an adviser, a mentor. You mean everything to me. “
  13. ” You are special. You’re the most special person in the world to me. “
  14. ” You will never know how much I care. You are my best friend my soul mate and my everything. You mean the world to me and I never want that to end. Me without you is like Adam without Eve. It is just unnatural. you might just be my best friend and I might not be anything to you. But I do love you with all my heart. “- Sharon O’Carlin
  15. ” Our pointless conversations mean the world to me. “
  16. ” Our relationship is not an important thing. For me it’s everything. “
  17. ” I didn’t live a full life until I met you. You make my life happy, because you`re everything to me. “
  18. ” I don’t need other women. They`re nothing for me, but you are everything in my life. “
  19. ” You are a real reason to be happy. When you are not with me, I feel as if I can lose everything. “
  20. ” My fans are incredible. They mean the world to me, I love them dearly.  “- Greyson
  21. ” No matter what people say, I will keep loving you until my heart beats no more. “
  22. ” To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world. “
  23. ” Making you smile is a part of my daily routine. That is my way of letting you know that you mean the world to me. “
  24. ” I can text you roses, or fax you my heart, I’d email you kisses but we’d still be apart. I love you to pieces and just wish you’d see, that I care for you so much cause you mean the world to me. “
  25. ” For me you are the most important person of this world, you mean the world to me, you are my life, it’s only you I can see, I love you! “
  26. ” I’d like to say I’m grateful for the bond that we have found the happiness that comes from simply having you around . Knowing you makes my life the best that it could be and all I want to say is that you mean the world to me “
  27. ” Together with you is my favorite place to be. You are my everything love “
  28. ” You are my paradise and I would happily get stranded on you for a lifetime. “
  29. ” You are my everything, the reason I wake up in the morning. Just the thought of you brings a smile to my face that can last for days. The sound of your voice brings chills throughout my body. You make me the happiest that I have ever been. And to you, I am only a friend. “
  30. ”  I believe in your dreams, and I abide in your words. You are the one for my world and the lover in my life. I want you for the rest of my life. “
You Mean The World to Me Quotes

You Mean The World to Me Is Actually Unconditional Love

You may have known about unconditional love more regularly than true love. So what is unconditional love? unconditional love concentrates more on someone or something. 

With regards to individuals, true love alludes to our affection for somebody when that individual fits in with how we anticipate that an individual should think, act, dress, and so on. Our affection for that big-name was molded upon their satisfying every one of our desires. When they missed the mark, our affection ran out. 

Unconditional love, in this manner, is more about control than genuine love. You love a person or thing since you are under the figment of control. Nonetheless, when that individual or thing can never again be controlled you never again love it. This is the reason unconditional love doesn’t make for a sound relationship at all. Tolerating you for what your identity is genuine love. Causing you to up into a bogus picture they have made for you is true love. 

Energy is unconditional love. This is the reason when the enthusiasm runs out, some of the time scorn has its spot. Both are staggeringly compelling feelings, and when somebody we’re energetic about plans something for hurt us or in any case change our assessment of them, that enthusiasm can go to disdain. This is the reason energy and disdain are the two sides of the coin that is true love, and this is the reason neither feeling can nor ought to be available in a developed, durable relationship.

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